SEO (search engine optimisation) is part of what I help clients with as my day job. SUP and more specifically whitewater SUP is one of my passions. Today I want to combine these and give some advice to (extreme) sport bloggers on SEO. Strange how these two three letter words starting with an S consumes a big part of my weekly routine…

The good news

Now the good news is that as sport bloggers we are not competing with the big brands trying to sell the next pair of sneakers. Also with modern day SEO we can follow a pretty simple strategy and get good results. Luckily Google (and other search engines) are getting very clever at identifying great content that people are interested in. This hopefully includes what you are doing.

Why blog?

If you are not sure why you should blog then give me a shout and I will write an article about the advantages. In short a blog is your home base where you can control the experience. Social is “rented media” on someone else’s platform, not the safest long term strategy.

Why SEO?

Now just having a blog does not mean people will go there and read anything. SEO is one strategy that can be used to get people on your blog. A sound SEO strategy will help you to be featured in Google searches and that in turn will get people to your blog. Share your content on social media by all means, but make sure you publish on a platform that you control.

Here is the simple SEO strategy that will work in a lot of cases:

  1. Make sure you are using a decent CMS like WordPress. It comes with some SEO advantages built in and Google understands the WordPress platform well.
  2. Make sure you are measuring and analysing. I prefer Google Analytics and install it on all my sites.
  3. Don’t ever try to trick Google. Google has seen all the tricks and will penalise you. Don’t write for SEO by doing things like keyword stuffing.
  4. Write for people and not for search engines. Use bullet points and sub-headings to make reading easier.
  5. Write regularly. Weekly blog posts are recommended.
  6. Make sure your blog has a user and search engine friendly permalink structure.
  7. Include links, images and other media in your posts.
  8. Do some research and answer the questions your potential readers might have.
  9. Make sure your blog works well on mobile devices.
  10. Check that your blog loads fast for your users.

Bonus tips

As a bonus tip if you are technically minded also have a look at Google Search Console for further insights about your website or blog.

If you run out of ideas for your blog try using Quora to see what people are asking or Google auto complete to get ideas. Here I typed “How to SUP ” (with a space after SUP):

Google Autocomplete


If you are a RAW Hero¬†use platforms like RAW Adrenaline to share your content and include links to your blog and social profiles. Post original content to all blogs, don’t use duplicate content.

If you have any questions you can contact me through my marketing website.

As adventure sports athletes you have amazing stories and images. Share these with you audience. Your readers, sponsors and potential sponsors will appreciate this.

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