Take a look at the top pics for July. They have been listed in no particular order. All the pictures featured are of Official RAWHeroes or taken by Official RAWHeroes during their day to day Livin’ RAW. Let us know which pic you think should be pic of the month in the comments below……

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you believe we owe you a photo credit….let us know and we will add it in

Climbing in the Cederberg in South Africa – Photo by Alex Bester – Insta @Besterad


Alex Miziuk (3)

Alex Miziuk exiting Brevent – Insta @alexmiziuk


Alicia Lycan

Alicia Lycan getting her Zen on after paddling – Insta @alicialycan


Austyn Heinlein (2)

Austyn Heinlein – @austyn_heinlein



Brittany Parker on Waldo Lake, the third clearest lake in the world – Insta @bp.surfs



Breannah Yeh killing the handstand ! – Insta @breannahyeh


Falco Filotto Cred John Wesley -httpswww.facebook.comJohn-Wesely-812769418834749

Falco Filotto going for a huge dyno ! – Insta @falcofilotto Photo credit : John Wesley Photography


Genevieve Leonard (2)

Genevieve Leonard kite boarding Cuba – Insta @genevieve_leonard


Grant Smith (2)

Grant Smith catching a winter sunset flight – Insta @ontheflycpt


Ico Schutte (2)

Ico Schutte rafting the naranjo river in Costa Rica – Insta @icoschutte


Jamie Flynn (2)

Jamie Flynn posing with his taxi in the background – Insta @jamieflynnbase


Johannes Hendriks

Johannes Hendriks running Maruia Falls New Zealand – Insta @Brohannes3


Ollie Ellis

Ollie Ellis putting his head down and getting to work – Insta @oem_uk


Paul Teasdale (2)

Paul Teasdale feeling patriotic on the Zambezi river in Zimbabwe – Insta @rawteasdale


Sarah Earls

Sarah Earls working the moves on NRA v7 – Insta @sarrhaa


Shane Raw

Shane Raw running Aldeyjarfoss in Iceland – Insta @shaneraw


Shanon Lea

Shanon Lea catching a magic carpet ride – Insta @shanonlea


Tim Howell (2)

Power couple Tim Howell and Ewa Kalisiewicz climbing in Devon – Insta @ewakalisiewicz and @tim_howell_advntr


Tim Howell

Tim Howell deep water solo at bear head – Insta @tim_howell_advntr


Yair Gallardo

Yair Gallardo living on cloud 9 – Insta @yairgallardo

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