Tim Howell

Tim Howell Wingsuit Base Jump

Date of Birth 16 August 1989

Country United Kingdom

City Salisbury

Primary Sport Wingsuit base, base, climbing and mountaineering

Other Sports Freeski

About Tim After finishing A-levels in Southern England Tim was on a mission to leave the U.K. and venture further abroad. Just after his 18th birthday he moved to South Africa where he gained the necessary skills and qualifications to work in the Kruger Park as a guide, driving and walking clients among the Big 5.

This came to an end after visa troubles and he found himself back in the U.K. Joining the Royal Marines provided the next challenge. Being a Royal Marine Commando has pushed him far creating a mental and physical robustness that has helped progress his sports outside of work, where he focuses on climbing, mountaineering, and Wingsuit BASE jumping.


Tim Howell Indoor Climb
Tim Howell Base

Instagram @tim_howell_advntr

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TimHowellADVNTR/

Website http://www.t1twenty.com

Tim Howell

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