Scott Reinders

Scott Reinders Hucking it !

Date of Birth 5 January 1986

Country South Africa

City Cape Town (aka the Cape of Storms)

Primary Sport Whitewater Kayaking – Disciplines include Creeking, expedition and big water fun

Other Sports Surfing and hiking

Proudest Moment When I started kayaking way back in 2001 I set a goal of paddling the three famous big water rivers of the time – The Zambezi, the White Nile and the Futaleufu. Coming from Africa it was relatively easy to tick off the first two, but it took 15 years for me to get to Patagonia and put a paddle into the azul waters of the Futa – it was a special moment.


Scott Reinders mountain selfie
Scott Reinders Boof !

Instagram @scottyrsa

Twitter @scottyreinders




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