Ryan Charbonneau

Date of Birth 31 August 1988

Country US

Primary Sport Professional river guide 

Other Sports Rock Climbing, Snowboarding

A bit about myself Being a professional river guide is my passion and my (summer)job. Whitewater is my church and being able act as a river shaman, to show people who would otherwise miss out on that beautiful experience, is what I live for. Snowboarding is my winter sport/job and I like that too, a lot. I climb pretty often but I’m not the biggest fan of gym climbing so wintering at altitude kind of makes that seasonal, as well. I love hiking and plan and knocking out some more 14’ers this summer.I really love to train people and that’s a huge part of what I do in the spring. Getting to take new aspiring river guides and spend hours and hours with them on the water is amazing. I also help train the newbies for my winter job but that’s a little less exciting so I won’t indulge.One day I would like to either own a rafting/instruction company or become a wilderness therapist. Right now I’m content with being a bum.Grew up in Georgia playing in the woods and learning from my Dad. That man is an outdoor Jedi. Started boating in 2005 and started doing it for money in 2009. Started climbing around the same time. Moved to Colorado in 2012 where I became a seasonal master ski-bum/river guide. To be continued…


Instagram @gnarnivore

Facebook facebook.com/ryan.charbonneau

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