Rudi Serfontein

Rudi Serfontein BASE

Date of Birth 30 August 1983

Country South Africa

Primary Sport BASE, Wingsuit BASE, Skydiving

Other Sports Climbing, Mountaineering

About Rudi Well, I was born in Newcastle, Natal, South Africa.  I started skydiving in 2004 and BASE jumping in 2013. For a big part of my skydiving career I did a lot of camera work for Tandem Skydives, but now I mostly fly wingsuits and do show jumps. My primary sport is BASE jumping.  To me BASE jumping has become more of a lifestyle than a sport.  I spend most of my time in the mountains, scouting for new exits.  My personal goal is to wingsuit BASE from as many different cliffs in the Drakensberg Mountains.


Rudi Serfontein BASE Exit

Instagram @rudiserfontein69



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