Patrick A Hennessey

Date of Birth 15 July 1987

Country Born in Frankfurt, Germany and raised in Seattle Washington

Primary Sport Speed Flying

Other Sports Kayaking, Climbing, Mt Biking, Skydiving, Skiing

Proudest Moment Getting my Skydive licence

Dreams and Aspirations To live long and love life as much as I can

Career Highlights I raced downhill Mt bikes professionally for two years and races against the riders I looked up to as a kid. I am currently sponsored by 5.10 Shoes

A bit about yourself I grew up in my Dads bike shop riding and racing bikes my entire childhood till I moved to the mountains and found all sorts of other adventure sports I wanted to get my hands on. Now I have to many sports to choose from but I’m ready for whatever mother nature provides. Multi sport days are my favorite way to enjoy the mountains!


Instagram @patrick.hennessey


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