MJ Kühn

MJ Kuhn Freedive Chill

Date of Birth

17 June 1988


South Africa currently in Indonesia

Primary Sport

Freediving & Whitewater Kayaking

Other Sports

Rock Climbing, Spearfishing, Slack lining, Frisbee

Proudest Moment 

Scoring three white cards and breaking three South African National records in my first freediving competition. That WOW moment when a student just gets it… every time

Dreams and Aspirations

I aspire to dive deeper than I can ever imagine. To keep fueling my passion for freediving, and ability to share it with aspiring freedivers.

Career Highlights

National record holder:

Free-Immersion 68m

Constant weight no-fins 56m

Constant weight bi-fins 60m

Kayaking in Madagascar with Expedition Inception. Loving what I do makes everyday a highlight.

A bit about yourself

I’m a ginger with freckles, a good amount of energy and a ton of motivation. I like being outdoors and I am in love with water. Drawn to the rush of adrenalin I get from extreme sports, I like to explore my limits. I enjoy good food, being outdoors and I am in love with water.

MJ Kuhn Freedive

Instagram @gingauniverse

Facebook facebook.com/mjfreediver

Youtube: MJ Kühn



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