Mike McVey

Mike McVey Waterfall Riverboard 1

Date of Birth 3 August 1988

Country USA

State Maine

Primary Sport River boarding / Whitewater Kayaking

Favourite River West Branch of the Penobscot River

Other Sports Off-roading, drifting, hiking, construction, skiing, snowmobiling

About me I am just a simple man from a little town called Millinocket Maine that loves to sent some whitewater MEAT PILEZZZ…..whether if its on a kayak, river board, raft, SUP, river bug, pool toys, etc. I just love to penetrate earth in its moist places. I preferably like sending some big waterfalls on my river board but i will send grade fun to grade 5+ anytime. Another thing i really enjoy is teaching.  Doesn’t matter is you are just starting out or just want to go from grade 4 to grade 5 I am always there to help and be a positive person on the river with you. Where I am from I own a cabin on the side of the best river in the world called the West Branch on the Penobscot River.  I offer to anyone that wants to come send some MEATZ with me to come to my house anytime and enjoy Northern lights, some good times around a fire, and freedom.  Stay safe out there my friends and enjoy the great sport of whitewater rocking. 

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