Jens Plinke

Date of Birth 30 January 1987

Country Germany, Living in Australia

Primary Sport Rock Climbing

Other Sports Whitewater Kayaking, Surfing, Ice Hockey

Proudest Moment Taking in the grand view after my first big climb in the Alps.Surviving my first bivvy on a wall

A bit about myself   I grew up in the north of Germany. I love to explore new cultures and immerse myself in the day to day life of new places. I am now living in Australia more or less permanently. Australia is where I discovered mountain sports and I have been hooked ever since, pursuing different adventures across the globe.

Dreams and Aspirations  I want to keep improving as a climber and paddler and explore the world through my sports I want to apply the skills I gain during my studies in the realms of adventure sports. And most importantly I want to inspire others to get outside and explore as well.

Instagram @jens_41


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