Jamie Flynn

Jamie Flynn RAWHero

Date of Birth 1987

Country United Kingdom

City Deal

Primary Sport Skydiving & BASE Jumping

About Jamie In 2007 Jamie starting focusing a lot of his energy into sports parachuting at Netheravon in Wiltshire; shortly after with a few friends they formed a competitive skydiving team called PH36 Canopy Formation Team.  The team moved to Dunkeswell in 2010 and went on to win various medals at the British Regionals & Nationals competition and have also represtented Great Britain at two World Championships. Jamie made the transition to BASE jumping in 2009 and left the Paras in 2011.  Since then he has travelled all over the world and jumped off of an array of iconic landmarks.  In 2012 Jamie won the Extreme BASE Jump World Championships in Spain. Read more here…..


Jamie Flynn
Jamie Flynn BASE

Instagram @jamiflynnbase

Facebook facebook.com/jamieflynnbase

Website http://www.jamieflynnbase.com/


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