Jacob Kelly Quinlan

Jacob Kelly Quinlan Surf Face

Date of Birth October 27, 1983

Country Canada

Primary Sport River Surfing


Jacob is the co-founder of Surf Anywhere. An organization that builds the sport of river surfing. Jacob works as a community builder, content creator and friend to river surfing.



On a mission to surf 100 river waves Jacob has visited all the major river surfing communities around the world. He has helped discover new waves, thrown fundraisers and surf competitions. Jacob is also a seasoned contributor for Riverbreak Magazine.


2006: Helped form the Alberta River Surfing Association

2007: Respect Event – meeting of the major river surfing communities at the time. Skookumchuck Narrows

2010 2016: Event Director – Slam the Kan

2011: Presenter – Surf Park Summit, Laguna Beach California 

2013-2016: Event Director – Wave Raiser – raised over $30,000 for the Alberta surf community

2014: Presenter – River Surfing Forum, Munich Germany

2015: Facilitator -Skook Summit, Skookumchuk Narrows Canada

2012 – 2016: River Surfing Instructor – developed first river surfing curriculum based on proper whitewater safety and etiquette.



“River surfing to me is community. I’m connected to a family of surfers world wide who all want similar things. I’m doing what I can to fulfil the needs of my family.”


In the Future:

Dozens of new river waves build by surfers for surfers. Thriving river surfing communities with the support they need to grow their community in a healthy sustainable way.


Jacob Kelly Quinlan Surf Aerial shot
Jacob Kelly Quinlan Hands Up surf

Instagram   @jacob.kelly.surfs

Facebook facebook.com/jacob.kelly.surfs

Website surfanywhere.ca 



Jacob Kelly Quinlan icicles

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