Hilmar Backer

Date of birth: 31Dec 1976

Born and Bred in Jozi, city of gold. Well actually Boksburg. City with mine dumps. But close enough.

Primary sport: BASE jumping, Wingsuiting.

Also enjoy cross fit and mountain biking to keep in shape for those long hikes.

Bit about myself: I’m passionate about life. We only have a brief moment on earth so live it to the fullest. Make it worth watching when you look back at what you have achieved and where you have been. That is my motto!! Do the things that make you feel, you have achieved the impossible. That is why I BASE.⁠⁠⁠⁠

Hilmar Backer Under Canopy
Hilmar Backer Wingsuit

Instagram @hilmarb76

Facebook facebook.com/hilmar.backer.1

Hilmar Backer

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