Grant Smith

Date of Birth 26 January 1982

Country South Africa

Primary Sport Paragliding

Other Sports Surfing, Longboard Skating

Proudest Moment My first 100km+ flight was a dream come true. Riding a thermal to 3000m AGL was an epic moment too!

Dreams and Aspirations To fly, fly and then fly some more.

Career Highlights Finishing 1st as a novice in my first Paragliding competition. Flying six 100km+ flights as a rookie to finish third in the Western Cape XC paragliding league.

A bit about yourself My old man was a paratrooper and dreamed of flying. It must be genetic.  As a teen I dabbled in RAW sports like skydiving, bungee jumping and surfing but it wasn’t until I lived in Thailand after school that I discovered paragliding. I was hooked before I’d even started. Becoming a qualified paraglider pilot and getting kitted up took many years, but I held onto the dream and in 2014 free flight became my reality. Now every flight is a dream come true. Every moment in the air an opportunity to tune into the elements and be free. For me, flying is the ultimate freedom.



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