Georgia Marjoribanks

Date of Birth 30 October 1989

Country Australia

Primary Sport Rock climbing

Other Sports Field hockey, cycling and all things outdoors

Proudest Moment Enjoying the view from the top of Mount Arapiles after leading my first big trad climb with an all female crew

Dreams and aspirations To keep developing the skills I need to be super stoked, safe and self-sufficient in high places with beautiful views. Maybe one of these days I’ll learn to paraglide!

Career Highlights Trad climbing above the eagles in the Warrumbungles National Park, learning the art of projecting hard sport climbs in the beautiful Blue Mountains and surviving an epic shiver bivvy on Bunny Bucket Buttress.

About me I grew up in a ridiculously sporty family in the beachside town of Newcastle, Australia.  I discovered rock climbing about 5 years ago. It quickly developed into a full blown addiction that has taken me to spectacular places all over Australia and the world.  On weekdays I swap my climbing shoes for high heels and spend my days working as a corporate lawyer




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