Ethan Helferty

Ethan Helferty Whitewater Rafting

Date of Birth 29 June 1993

Country Canada

City Beachburg Ontario 

Primary Sport Whitewater Kayaking, Free skiing

Other Sports Rafting, Climbing, Backpacking, Biking, Motorcross, Surfing. 

About Ethan

Living in the adventure filled Ottawa Valley, Ethan grew up constantly paddling the Ottawa River, backpacking, and traveling to freeski North America. After two years of being an Environmental Technician, he returned to the Valley to paddle and start his quest for connecting adventure sports enthusiasts, with the environment they play in through experience and media. 

After spending half a year in Nicaragua, Ethan is planning on returning to the Valley, then making his way west to connect with the BC paddle, and Freeskiing community. 


Proudest moments

The opportunity to be a part of the Canada C3 Expedition. 

Playboating on world class rapids in Ontario. 

5th in the 2016 HOHW raft race. 


Ethan Helferty Whitewater Kayak

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