David Laffargue

David Laffargue BASE

Date of Birth: 12th of October 1988

Country France

Primary Sport: Base Jumping

Other Sports: Snowboarding, wakeboarding, scubadiving, crowdsurfing

Occupation: Part time bum

Proudest moment: Getting out of a Filipino jail with my unharmed anal virginity after getting busted on a building jump.

Dreams and Aspirations: Jump and ride the whole planet with my mates.

Sponsors: Pure Line Verbier, Valley Base Gear

About me

I grew up with my dad on a sailboat, traveling around the world, doing a lot of watersports instead of going to school.
At the age of 15, my dad put me in highschool in Tahiti so I could socialize with other kids. I accidentally did well and went to Paris in a business school when I was 20.

I did a lot of partying and motorcycle riding during my years in Paris, until I did a tandem skydive for a stupid video I was editing with my classmates. Skydiving sounded cool because I could get the same speed than with a motorcycle, but without constantly crashing and getting fined.

I went into skydiving, secretly hoping that it could help me to impress the girls. I soon realized that you needed to be either a badass freeflyer or a hardcore basejumper to get the ladies. Freeflying required a lot of jumps, and jumps were expensive. As I had spent all of my student loan in beers, I said “fuck that” and decided to become a basejumper instead.

After 5 years of basejumping and other 700 jumps in 20 countries, I’m still not getting laid,

Fuck that shit, I should have signed up for Salsa lessons!

David Laffargue BASE Jump
David Laffargue
David Laffargue BASE Backflip

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