Daisy Grodzki

Daisy Grodzki Kit boarding snow

Date of Birth 21 June 1985

Country The Netherlands (but travelling and feeling Home most in nature anywhere)

Primary Sport kitesurfing

Other Sports yoga, surfing, hiking, climbing, mountainbiking, Anything outdoor!!

Proudest Moment Just the fact that I, Daisy from a very small town in the south of the Netherlands, am doing all these great things, been travelling around the world and being able to connect to nature and other people through sports!

Dreams and aspirations: at the moment I am getting ready for a 130km downwind kitesurf challenge for the Dutch heart foundation. It’s gonna be such a great feeling doing this all together for such a good cause! My biggest dream is to inspire other people to live their life from their heart. Using outdoors and sports to feel connected to themselves again and from there being able to connect to others on a deeper heart level! I would love to set up a retreat space some where in the most beautiful place in the world where people can come to connect to themselves and others again through sports and nature!

Career highlights: actually anything that I have achieved while staying connected to my own heart! Then things just almost happens by themselves….. Being in flow is the best space to be in!

About me: I grew up in a small town in the south of Holland. Always felt a bit ‘the outsider’ as I just wanted to do things my way. I always felt super attracted to travelling and in my dreams I always wanted to learn to surf and kite and spent time at the beach. (While I was living faaaaaar away from the beach) then I decided to follow my heart and go to South Africa. There I fell in love with the people, nature, the wind and the sea! After being there for almost 6 years on and off (6montgs of the year there, the other 6 months of the year in Greece and Sri Lanka) I decided to come back to the Netherlands for a bit to spent some time with family again. But currently my heart is craving for more travels again and I am planning to spread my wings again as soon as possible! I truly believe that we can achieve every thing we want in life, as long as we live from our heart! So it’s time to follow mine again and see where life will take me! I love nature and I love people and being able to combine my passion for both in teaching and coaching makes me super happy and grateful!

Daisy Grodzki Surf

Instagram @day_sea_

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/dgrodzki

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