Chase Brown

Date of Birth 06 January 1991

Country New Zealand

Primary Sport BMX park, wakeboarding, skydiving

Other Sports Wake surf, surf, big game fishing, spearfishing , free diving ,scuba, drifting, mountain biking, snowboarding

Proudest Moment my proudest moment in my sporting history, probably my first ever skydive, its a minor achievement compared to others, but defiantly the biggest thing for me, that one jump, got me hooked haha

Dreams and Aspirations my ultimate goal is defiantly proximity flying, thats been my dream since i first watch a wing suiting video when i was a kid, and now its getting more and more possible, I’m getting more hungry for it, and also an aspiration of mine is to be able to keep doing every sport i do, for the rest of my life and have fun with life.

Career Highlights highlights for me, is defiantly being able to wake up every day, look at the weather, access the conditions, and be able to go shred no matter the weather, to have such a wide variety of hobbies that i do on the regular is a blessing to me.

A bit about yourself shit where do i start.. I’m a 23 year old from little old Auckland, New Zealand, if you know me well enough you’ll know that i never slow down haha, all my hobbies are regular sports that i do nearly every week, some sports of course are seasonal. I’m just here to try cram as much into my life as possible, and have a genuinely happy life surrounded my awesome people.

Instagram @iamchase

Snapchat chasebrown111

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