Barend Pretorius

Date of Birth 27 August 1985

Country South Africa

Primary Sport  BASE Jumping

Other Passions Scuba Diving, Skydiving, Hiking, Kiting, Photography

Dreams and Aspirations To be able to keep on jumping with friends that are like family for as long as possible, traveling and seeing more of the world while sharing cultures and meeting new adventures souls along the way, learning from more people in our community and sharing a bond like few other.

A bit about Barend I grew up in the North-West province of South Africa, spent my younger years infatuated with motor cycles but was always drawn to the sky and heights. I have a day job as a Senior IT-Consultant for the North-West University and I live in the beautiful student town of Potchefstroom.

When I was 27 I did my fist skydive after a Neurosurgeon told me I would not walk by 30 if I kept on riding motorcycles and crashing them, a week after I made my first skydive. The skydiving bug bit from jump one and it has been a all consuming life and lifestyle change. Skydiving changed the way I look at life and I have jumped on four continents in various countries. BASE was always in the back of my head and skydiving was the road to it, did my first BASE jump three years later and I was lucky enough to find a group of friends that are also very passionate about BASE and life. My mentor that took me under his wing and even tough I’m just starting out on this journey and new adventure I plan on growing old on this road.

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Barend Pretorius Base under canopy

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