Austyn Heinlein

Austyn Heinlein Powder Ski

Date of Birth 11 August 1989

Country USA

City Leavenworth, WA

Primary Sport Skiing

Other Sports Yoga, Mountain Biking, Trail Running, Ukulele Jam Sessions 😉 

Proudest Moment Each time I’m faced with a huge obstacle in the mountains be it challenging snow conditions, high winds, wild exposure, or just fatigue… and the fear and doubt and inner demons creep in… When I can find my breath and dig deep to overcome these cruxes, I am so proud of myself and feel a deep sense of gratitude for the mountains offering me these moments. 

Highlights: Climbing mixed terrain to ski off the summits of Volcan Lonquimay and Volcan Villarrica (which had a lava lake in it’s crater!) in Chile this summer, 2016. Both of these volcanos posed new challenges I’d never experienced in the mountains before. 

Dreams and aspirations: I would like to continue skiing year round because I love how creative and challenging the trips become during the months of July-October in Washington State. I also competed in my first Ski-mo race last year and I look forward to participating in more. I have mixed feelings when it comes to racing, because I typically avoid competition… but racing is fun way to see how efficiently I can travel on my skis! 

Bit about myself: I started skiing when I was four years old at our local ski hill. Now I ski year round, and have begun exploring the art of ski-mountaineering in order to do so. I’m a certified yoga teacher and use this sacred practice to bring balance and awareness to all areas of my life. When my partner and I aren’t in the mountains, you can find us exploring the puget sound in our tiny aluminum smokercraft. 

Austyn Heinlien Ski View
Austyn Heinlein Summer skI
Austyn Heinlein Happy Place

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